Inspiration, Censor, Editor, Pet

Inspiration, Censor, Editor, Pet
Miss Mouthy Mouse

Current Projects

Lifelike Pose (novel - WIP)

Jen Bauman knows she's got a pretty good life, great husband, and awesome best friend, but she feels more lonely and disconnected than ever as she gets used to a new town. Weighed down by secrets and tragedy, Jen worries that the good things in her life will slip away if she doesn't find a way to fight her depression.

17297 / 50000 words.
35% done on my NaNoWriMo project!

Homemade in Burgey (novel - stalled)

Burgey, North Carolina is a small community of big personalities. Ardie Faye Carter Caudle, Treva Jane Smith,  Lily "Aunt Precious" Kennedy, and others make it their business to know everyone in town. So when Sage Andrews shows up in town for Frank Moore's funeral, and inherits his house, they make it their business to find out how a girl with purple hair, tattoos and a tongue piercing could be connected to the quiet, straight-laced dearly departed Frank.

300 / 50000 words.1% done on Homemade in Burgey

Castles in the Sand (novel  - simmering up to boil again)

Running on the beach was her only freedom. Feeling her strides in the sand—heel, arch, toe—calf muscles pushing off,  felt solid to her. Her mind was quiet and calm during her runs. It was one of the few times her mind and body were in synch and at peace with one another. As long as Rachel had her directions pinned to her shirt--she would be fine. Run until you get to Lloyd's Crab House and then go back home.
Two years ago, Rachel Medlin had an accident that left her with few memories of her life. She's rebuilding her life under the well-meaning but overprotective watch of her husband, Marc. When she finds clues to her old life, and begins remembering the night of her accident, she finds out living with amnesia was much safer than the truth that might just kill her.

3699 / 50000 words.
7% done on Castles in the Sand!

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